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Vascular laser therapy

Cutera Laser Excel V® KTP and Yag

Laser Excel Cutera traitement des rougeurs et varicosités


Erythrosis (diffuse redness) and rosacea (redness with small visible vessels) are unsightly, disabling conditions. This redness is often accompanied by hot flushes.

This problem usually affects people who have always tended to blush easily with emotion (known as erythema pudicitiae) or individuals who have a genetic predisposition or whose skin becomes frequently red due to repeated sun exposure or from working outside.


Vascular laser therapy is currently the reference technique for eliminating these different types of redness. When accompanied by acne (known as acne rosacea), medication may often be necessary as well.


The monochromatic light beam targets the red pigment (haemoglobin) in the surface blood vessels. Once this light beam is transformed into heat, it destroys the specific vessels that cause rosacea and erythrosis or spider veins. The major advantage of laser therapy is that it specifically targets red areas without damaging the rest of the epidermis.


The length of the session varies from 15 to 30 minutes. The laser light causes tingling and warmth but no real pain.

Pre- and post-treatment advice:

It is advisable to have the treatment in autumn or winter.


Before treatment your skin should not be tanned. If you are taking medication, please inform us as some medication causes reactions to light.


It is advisable to apply a healing cream for a few days after treatment. It is essential to use sunscreen for four weeks.


Your skin will be marked with red patches for around 4 days. Moderate swelling (oedema) may occur within a few hours of treatment and last for 2 to 3 days. This will vary depending on the skin type and intensity of the treatment.

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