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Dr Agnès Ehlinger-Martin, dermatologist


Is it universal??

There are no universal norms or results as far as beauty is concerned, but the benefits derived from beauty are universal.

Improving your beauty in the future means presenting that beauty in a way that is suited to each life stage. Our life expectancy and quality of life are improving and we want to stay attractive for as long as possible.


In other words, maintain a harmony between what we feel inside and our reflection in the mirror.


Chemical peels, laser therapy, injections and cosmetics are all techniques that can help us to stay young.


The secret is to stay natural and find the right balance.

The goal is to regain that self-confidence we all need.


Many people think about having a procedure, in fact half of all women are considering having or have already had a cosmetic procedure. It is important to take the time to think it over, to build a relationship of trust with your dermatologist by asking the right questions:

  • What course of treatment is recommended?
  • What results should I expect?
  • For how long will I not be able to show myself?
  • Will the procedure have to be repeated and if so, how often?


Dr Agnès Ehlinger is an expert in cosmetic dermatology and can help you to rediscover your natural harmony and freshness while preserving your very unique personality.

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