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Facial rejuvenation

Rajeunissement du visage par la médecine esthétique Thionville (57)


In anti-ageing medicine, facial rejuvenation is not conceivable without taking into account the different causes of ageing. It is in fact a multifactorial process and only a precise clinical analysis will determine the best way(s) to achieve a natural and stable result.


Preventing and treating the ageing process does not merely involve correcting wrinkles, but also the loss of facial volume and skin radiance.


Many cosmetic dermatology techniques can be combined to meet patients’ expectations.


Laser dermatology rejuvenates the skin by CO2 laser resurfacing, by treating the complexion and photoageing. Cosmetic dermatology treats wrinkles, fills volumes and tightens the skin. The upper part of the face affected by mobile wrinkles (expression lines) is mainly treated using Botox injections. The lower part of the face will be filled by injections of hyaluronic acid at different concentrations depending on the goal: i.e. whether it is to fill furrows or restore facial volume.


Chemical peels are an essential addition as they restore the epidermis over the entire surface of the face.


The lips are comprised of three anatomical units: the vermillion (red part), the contour and the white roll.


Lip treatments must maintain the natural aspect and overall appearance of the face. Their goal is to restore moisture in the vermillion, restructure the contour’s resistance, revitalize the white roll and fill ’barcode’ wrinkles.


Several techniques are currently used to rejuvenate ageing lips and restore fullness to thinner lips.


- Treatments injecting soft, malleable fillers such as hyaluronic acid are the most effective for correcting and even preventing the onset of wrinkles on the upper lip. Hyaluronic acid makes the skin firmer and more supple. These injections can tone the lips and fill fine lines for natural-looking results.


- Laser skin resurfacing tightens and reshapes the collagen and elastic fibres under the skin, giving the lips a smoother, younger appearance by dealing effectively with wrinkles around the mouth.


To prevent the onset of these lines, it is advisable to lead a healthy lifestyle, avoid smoking, use plenty of sunscreen and moisturize your lips.

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