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Spider veins

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Laser therapy combined with microsclerosis is the reference treatment for spider veins

Spider veins are small, unsightly red or blue blood vessels on the lower legs and thighs.


They can appear as early as puberty when the first hormonal changes occur.


They can worsen with age or due to factors such as excess weight or hormonal imbalances.


Spider veins are unsightly but are not harmful. There are two types: very fine red veins on the surface that fade when pressed; larger blue veins deeper under the skin.


The small blue unattractive veins visible on the surface of the legs can be treated by vascular laser therapy, provided that the patient does not suffer from venous insufficiency, causing spider veins to rapidly recur, as this is often how underlying varicose veins are manifested. A prior venous assessment, possibly using a Doppler ultrasound, is essential. Therapy can be readily combined with microsclerosis sessions. This combined treatment is the most effective in the long term for treatment of spider veins.


3 or 4 sessions 4 to 6 weeks apart may be necessary.


This laser therapy and the sclerosis sessions cause very little pain. During treatment, the patient feels a slight tingling sensation in the vein that does not continue after treatment. After treatment minimum redness or swelling may be observed. Slight bruising may occur during the first 48 hours and will gradually disappear within a few days.

Post-treatment advice:

After your treatment session: avoid sources of heat such as hot baths, saunas, heavy physical exercise for 48 hours, do not cross your legs and keep them raised, wear a compression garment for 3 days, avoid sun exposure while there is redness and protect your skin.

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