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Traitement des rides au laser fractionné

Fractional laser therapy

Cynosure CO2 laser

Treating wrinkles and scars – Improving your skin

Today, the latest technologies make it possible to divide the laser beam to preserve the healthy areas of skin within the surface treated.


The laser beam heats the dermis to encourage collagen to contract and facilitate the synthesis of the dermis' different components. The skin looks tighter and smoother. This is known as fractional resurfacing. Fractional lasers have the advantage of targeting the treatment area more specifically, working gradually and therefore treating more precisely, as the rays are controlled more effectively.


The fractional CO2 laser is designed for skin with dermal fractures such as wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks, etc.


The major advantage of the fractional skin resurfacing laser is that it can be adapted to each patient. Patients can receive customized treatment, ranging from mild to deep treatment. The number of sessions and protocol will be determined according to the individual patient's needs.


This new technique significantly reduces pain, the need for anaesthesia and recovery time. No bandages and little risk of infection. No downtime.


A sensation of sunburn is experienced for around fifteen minutes after treatment. The skin will peel over the next few days but regain a normal appearance within a week. The results will be noticeable 6 to 8 weeks after treatment.

Pre-and post-treatment:

An anaesthetic cream is applied by the doctor at the practice one hour before your session.


It is essential to regularly apply a healing emollient cream for 4 to 6 days after treatment.


There are few risks associated with laser resurfacing. You may experience redness for a few weeks. Your doctor will prevent post-inflammatory pigmentation and infections by monitoring you after treatment.

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